Thursday, June 10, 2010



To celebrate WWNIP DAY and benefit Age Action Ireland, Innocent Smoothies is sponsoring the Big Knit.

From the Innocent website:

"Fancy helping older people in Ireland keep warm this winter? Then all you need to do is knit some little woolly hats for our innocent smoothie bottles. For every behatted bottle sold in store, we - that's innocent - will give 25c to Age Action. We're aiming to knit 80,000 little hats this year, so we'd love you to get knitting.

It's a sad fact that every year in Ireland around 2000 people over the age of 65 die from cold related conditions. Which is where your knitted goods come in. All monies raised from the innocent Big Knit this year will go towards supporting Age Action to help keep older people in Ireland warm."

Really? I understand creating a cute campaign to get people involved and invested in the cause. I also understand collecting money from people buying the "hat-wearing" smoothies who might otherwise be unaware or uninterested in the cause.

But seriously, wouldn't older people be warmed more directly by knitting adult-sized hats and scarves to be collected by Age Action Ireland and distributed to those in need? And what about all those tiny knitted smoothie hats? Does the smoothie-buyer get to keep it, or where do they go? The website mentions a goal of 80,000 mini hats.

I challenge my friends and fellow knitters to knit and donate at least 1 adult-sized hat or scarf for every 20 mini hats you make. Maybe even make the adult one first, just to be sure you've got enough wool!


  1. Thanks for the support. It is greatly appreciated by Age Action. We could certainly use the hats and scarves, and many of the knitting groups we are working with are looking at producing these after the Big Knit challenge. However, the problems of "fuel poverty" (ie being unable to afford to heat your home to a comfortable level) go beyond wearing a hat or scarf in the home. Funds raised by the Big Knit will help our public information campaign this winter to highlight the wider issues and give older people and their families advice on how to stay well, warm and healthy in their own homes.
    Thanks again.
    Eamon, Age Action.

  2. I adult hat & 2 mini hats knit today! Anyone know how to update the hatometer widget?

  3. UPDATE! This week my daughter's Malahide Brigin Guides Troop Leader (Catholic Guides - Ireland) delivered 431 mini hats made by the girls, parents and leaders.