Monday, June 7, 2010

TV shopping = Family Bonding

Last week we thought we were getting a newer hand-me-down TV from a friend so we decided to Freecycle our 10+ year-old SONY crt-style TV (which we also got 2nd hand) while it was still in good working order. It was collected less than 2 hours after posting the offer. Unfortunately the replacement TV didn't work out and we were left without a TV -- shock! horror!

What to do??? So we decided to shop around. First we checked online. DH and I found all the specs we needed, but decided we needed a real looky-looky-touchy-feely to decide. The first shop DH visited had no sales staff in the TV section and most of the TV's were turned off. Hmmm, no joy.

So, we tossed the kiddos in the car and set off to the local electronics mega-shop. The kids, of course, wanted to get the Jumbo 3D telly (pictured). Being a bit more practical, DH and I decided on a nice small one (cheap'n'cheerful.) We quickly paid and the shop assistant lifted it easily into our car. The new TV weighs only 5.2kg, compared to the 27" CRT which 2 grown men struggled to lift. At home we were amazed at all the options on the new TV. I guess a few things have changed since the last time we bought a _new_ TV ... in 1989!

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